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In July of 2009, we established Mimi's House to provide educational scholarships to children in Guatemala. There are currently 14 children in the sponsorship program who have come to us from difficult family circumstances.

Would you consider sponsoring a child's education for $30 a month? That's $1 a day. You can download our sponsorship packet to understand Mimi's House. 


Below, you can see the children that are currently in our program. If you would like to sponsor a child, click their individual SPONSOR buttons. The button will direct you to an email and please leave your name. A CRI administrator can answer any questions you might have and direct you on how to pay financially that best fits your needs. You will receive an individual biography and two personal updates from the child each year. 

Lisbeth - HS graduate/College
Miriam - Nursing Student
Miriam - College Student
Cynthia - HS graduate
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